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Roger Jenkins
Expert Roofing Consultant

Roger Jenkins has consulted throughout his roofing career, starting in the 1980’s. In fact his first paid roofing job at only 12 years old. He has roofed his entire life from residential, commercial, industrial etc. He started roofing in Indiana and came to Florida as a high school student and continued after his service in the US Army.


Roger raised his daughters in the industry as well and still works with his youngest daughter, licensed roofing contractor Bridget Jenkins Wilson.


He knows the history of the roofing manufacturing industry as well as the myriad of changes in regulations, roof materials and installations. Roger is a non-partisan professional who isn’t afraid to report on the truths of a roof, even if it is against his consulting employer. His expertise has saved families and corporations thousands of dollars through out his career. Let Roger's expertise work for you.


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